Clinics and Services




Family Planning and Sexual Health Advice

The Nurse  will provide cervical smears, advice on breast examination, and other checks concerning female health. Please note condoms/pregnancy tests are distributed free by the practice.

Family planning & sexual health advice is also available from the doctor. Acting reversible contraception services such as Coil fitting and Dermal Implant are available by Dr Lakshmi Das.


Travel Vaccinations

The practice provides information about travel vaccinations. Please arrange with us in good time and a minimum 6 weeks before departure is suggested.

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Our Counsellors visits the practice each Wednesday mornings from 9.30-12.30pm. Appointments with the counsellor are made after a referral by either of one of the health professionals within the Practice or self referral.


Minor Surgery

Dr Sanjay Das undertakes minor surgery.


Antenatal and Postnatal Care

We share care with local hospitals. A Midwife, is attached to the practice and is present on alternative Tuesdays.


Baby and Childhood Immunisation

The practice nurse provides these every  Wed morning there is a baby Clinic 9-11.30am by appointment or walk in. If you can not make Wed morning we will give you an alternative appointment.

Please ask if you are unsure when immunisation should be given. We would advise children to be immunised unless there are medical reasons for not doing so.


Children’s Development Clinic

Development checks are due at 6-8weeks, 8 months, 2 years and 3 years. Walk in clinics are held by the Practice Nurse every Wednesday between 9am-11.30am.

The Doctor carries out the 6-8 weeks check on Wednesday morning 9.30- 11am.  Health Visitor carries out the 8 months checks and pre -school check up local clinics are at Rushey Green and South Lewisham Practices.