Patient Group Meeting Minutes




Latest Meeting Minutes: 21st September 2023 at 1pm


1. Introduction

Seyhan & Mr Anderson were the only attendees on this day.

Introduced ourselves and explained our reasons for the PPG.

Explained how we currently have a team of 3 in our PPG but unfortunately the others were unable to attend.

2. Discussion about what PPG Is

Explained to Mr Sanderson what the PPG was about and the overall goal for the group.

3. Staff - New Starts – Sumaya, Tanjima, Hazera

Explained the Mr Sanderson we have a few new faces since his last appointment and a few missing faces and how we are actively hiring for more clinical staff.

4. Anima – Process and protocol - Suggestions and Q&A

Discussed a new system coming into place for patient triaging and explained how this will benefit both the staff and patients. And also potential downfalls of the new system which will be rolled out in Early October.

5. Outro

Discussed that the next meeting will be held in 6 weeks and we will hopefully have a few more attendees.